Sponsorship Opportunities for WORLDSymposium on Lysosomal Diseases

Exceptional sponsorship opportunities to gain widespread exposure at the premier international meeting on lysosomal diseases.

Sponsorship Application will be available August 1, 2019. Sign up for updates to be notified when available.

General Sponsorship Opportunities:

Branded Tables: 10 tables of various shapes and sizes strategically located near foyer seating to allow attendees to gather and network. Table tops are covered with full-color branded clings. Placement determined by WORLDSymposium. Company to provide artwork.

Hotel Door Drops: Grants Company the permission to arrange a door drop at Hyatt Regency Orlando. Company is responsible for production and shipment of door drop items, and payment of fees directly to Hyatt Regency Orlando for the per item cost of the door drop. All materials must be reviewed and approved by WORLDSymposium.

Hotel Key Cards: Company logo imprinted on all hotel key cards during the main check-in dates of WORLDSymposium.

Program Bags: Allows Company to have Company name (without logo) printed on all program bags. Company to provide artwork.

Registration Bag Insert: Grants Company the permission to include a promotional flyer (up to 8.5″ x 11″) in the registration bag. Company is responsible for the production and shipment of the items. All materials must be reviewed and approved by WORLDSymposium.

Water Stations: Water stations may be placed outside of the meeting room, in the registration area, and in the exhibit hall.

Welcome Package Bag Pen: Entitles Company to the exclusive right to place a promotional pen inside the welcome package distributed to all attendees. Company is responsible for the production and shipment of pens. Company name only – no logos.

Design your own opportunity: Do you have a great idea that has worked at other conferences, or has your team thought of something new? Share your idea with WORLDSymposium to work collaboratively in creating a unique opportunity to support your company or product. Fees quoted are for the privilege to promote your company and/or product. Additional fees may be incurred to produce banners, wraps, clings, or sponsored items to be distributed or presented to attendees. Sponsoring company will work directly with WORLDSymposium’s logistics team to develop pieces for display or distribution. All materials shall be presented to WORLDSymposium for review and approval prior to production. WORLDSymposium reserves the right to decline use of any promotional materials it deems inappropriate.

Exhibit Hall Opportunities

Cell Phone Charging Stations: Charging stations are available inside the exhibit hall (1) and the exhibit hall foyer (1). Company to submit artwork.

Coffee/Beverage stations: Attendees rank the availability of coffee high in satisfaction when evaluating the overall meeting. Company sponsorship would be a positive and welcome addition for attendees. Stations would be placed in the Exhibit Hall for breaks between sessions. Company recognition would be posted on the coffee stations, on printed materials and signs, and identified in the final program.

Networking & Social Media Lounge: Attendees can take a break, recharge themselves and their devices, and relax in a comfortable lounge in the exhibit hall. WORLDSymposium will provide specs for signage. Company to provide artwork.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertisement in Program Book: This popular, useful item will be the only print publication at WORLDSymposium 2020. The program features the full schedule, poster list, late-breaking abstracts, Exhibit & Poster Hall floor plan, convention center layout, and exhibitor list with booth numbers. CME information is also included, making the publication useful past the annual meeting. Company to provide print-ready artwork. Front Inside Cover, Back Inside Cover, Back Outside Cover

Notebook: Spiral bound notebook, used by attendees throughout the meeting to take notes from sessions. Artwork to be provided by Company.

Banners / Wraps / Window Clings

Main Escalator Branding: Opportunity to advertise your company logo/message on this prominent escalator location that connects the hotel level to the conference level. Company to submit artwork.

Main Escalator Glass Railing Branding: Grab attendees’ attention with glass surrounds next to this high-traffic escalators. Branding on both sides of railing and is visible as attendees approach escalator and when they are on the escalator. Company to submit artwork.

Main Escalator Glass Underhang Branding: Opportunity to advertise your company logo/message on this prominent glass underhang. Branding on both sides of underhang and is visible as attendees approach escalator and when they are on the escalator. Company to submit artwork.

Column Wraps: Column wraps are available at the bottom of the main escalator. These Columns offer prime real estate for your messaging and will be seen by all conference attendees who will walk by the columns on their way to or from the conference. Company to submit artwork.

Regency Foyer Glass Metal Railing Graphics & Magnetic Banners: Ignite your brand’s visibility in the main traffic area of the Regency Foyer. More than 2,000 attendees pass by this premium sponsorship during WORLDSymposium 2020. Glass Metal Railing Graphics are double sided (visible on the Mezzanine) with several panels above each Magnetic Banner (depending on location). Company to submit artwork.

Large Picture Frames – Inside Frame: Promote your brand or products on a scale that’s hard to miss. Spectacular in size, these large opportunities are approximately 8 feet wide x 16 feet tall. Prominently placed along the Regency Foyer, your brand will be seen by all attendees before they enter the exhibit hall. Company to submit artwork.

Cube Stacks: Located in the Regency Foyer, these stacks of two (2) 3 ft. cubes will keep your brand in front of thousands of attendees as they walk from the exhibit hall to the main conference room. Company to submit artwork.

Double Sided Column Flags: Located on the way to the Satellite Symposia locations, Company sponsorship won’t be missed as attendees head to the Windemere conference rooms. Company to submit artwork.

Patient Artwork / Awareness Display in Windemere Foyer: Company is responsible for the production and shipment of the items. Company is also responsible for providing or securing appropriate structures required to display the artwork and for setting up the display. WORLDSymposium will provide easels if quantities are requested no later than January 10, 2020. Setup, teardown, and removal of any packaging are Company’s responsibility.

Technology / Digital Advertising:

Digital Signs: Promote your brand and drive traffic to your booth with digital signs displayed along the high-traffic Regency Foyer. Company’s digital artwork will display continuously throughout the conference and will generate thousands of impressions. Company to provide digital files.

Mobile App: The majority of our audience downloaded the 2018 mobile app and were able to create personalized agendas, connect with peers, and receive program alerts and updates. Company will receive: prominent landing page and rotating banner display, direct link to company or product, and push notifications. WORLDSymposium to provide specs. Company to provide digital files.

WiFi Internet: Wireless internet in the exhibit hall and foyer area. As the exclusive sponsor of the wireless network, you will enable attendees to access the Internet in WORLDSymposium meeting foyer and exhibit areas of the Hyatt Regency Orlando. Attendees will see Company’s specialized launch page when logging in to the WiFi network. The launch page may feature Company’s logo and booth number. Page content must be approved by WORLDSymposium.