WORLDSymposium Abstract Submissions & Publication FAQs

  • Where can I obtain the abstracts if I am not attending WORLDSymposium?
    Elsevier publishes the Abstracts, Keyword Index, Author Index, Introduction, and Program as individual articles, and each article is available for purchase from Elsevier. WORLDSymposium provides the abstracts to all attendees as part of their conference materials, all other individuals must purchase the articles directly from Elsevier.
  • When will abstracts for WORLDSymposium 2023 be published or be made available to the public?
    WORLDSymposium does not publish the full-text of the abstracts online; the full-text is available only from Elsevier for accepted abstracts submitted to WORLDSymposium prior to October 1, 2022, to be published in the February 2023 special “Lysosomes Issue” of Molecular Genetics and Metabolism (MGM). WORLDSymposium has no control over the Elsevier publication release dates.  Registered attendees will receive an electronic copy of the program and full-text abstracts ​beginning on Tuesday, February 21, 2023. The program and abstracts become copyrighted and are only available to non-registrants through Elsevier.

    It is the policy of WORLDSymposium to publish all abstracts with the list of authors exactly as the abstract was submitted to WORLDSymposium. The first author of the submitted abstract will be listed as the Platform Speaker (presenting author) on the Preliminary Program, Agenda, and Poster List.

  • When will late-breaking abstract titles and/or full text be available?
    Late-breaking abstract titles and full-text will be available electronically to registered participants only via the WORLDSymposium mobile app at the start of WORLDSymposium 2023. Late-breaking abstracts are not published in Molecular Genetics and Metabolism.
  • What is the deadline for submitting an abstract?
    Abstract submission deadline for consideration of a platform (oral) presentation and inclusion in Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, is October 1, 2022. There are no exceptions.
    Late-breaking submission window is November 1 – December 1, 2022. This year, late‐breaking abstracts will again be considered for poster presentation or platform presentation during a session titled, “Late-Breaking Science”. Late-breaking abstracts not be published in the February 2023 special “Lysosomes Issue” of Molecular Genetics and Metabolism (MGM), due to publication deadlines.
  • Does WORLDSymposium offer travel scholarships or travel assistance?
    WORLDSymposium provides limited scholarships to Young Investigators. WORLDSymposium is unable to fund any other form of travel assistance. Please click here to view the details for the Young Investigator Award.
  • Will there be a late-breaking abstract submission process?
    Late-breaking submissions are accepted from November 1, 2022 – December 1, 2022.

    Late-breaking abstracts are considered for poster presentation and may be considered for platform presentation for WORLDSymposium 2023.  The “Late-Breaking Science” Session will highlight recent advances in lysosomal disease research. Selected abstracts from the Late-Breaking submission cycle will be awarded an oral presentation time in the Late-Breaking Science Session. Due to publication deadlines, late-breaking abstracts are published in the program materials, and are not published in Molecular Genetics and Metabolism (MGM).
  • What is WORLDSymposium’s policy on abstracts that have been presented at other scientific meetings?
    WORLDSymposium will consider encore abstracts at the discretion of the Program Committee.
    Definition of Encore Abstracts – Prior Publication: Results or studies that have been published or that will be accepted for publication elsewhere prior to the submission deadline of October 1, 2022 must be disclosed and the author should make clear what new information will be presented at WORLDSymposium 2023. For purposes of this policy:

    • Material posted on a preprint server is NOT considered previously published.
    • Abstracts that have been accepted for presentation at other conferences are considered previously published, or encore abstracts.

    The Program Committee reviews all submitted abstracts submitted and determines whether an abstract will be accepted, and whether it is suitable for a platform (oral) or poster presentation. The Program Committee reserves the right to decline any submitted abstracts that lack scientific content or merit, or that merely announce the availability of a resource or service.

  • Can more than one category be selected for an abstract? (basic, translational, or clinical)
    Please choose only one category which is the most applicable to the content being submitted. The WORLDSymposium Program Committee reserves the right to consider submitted abstracts for all categories, and assign abstracts to a platform (oral) presentation on any of the program days, based on review of the topic and content.
    If the first author is employed by industry the abstract must submitted for Contemporary Forum. It will not be considered for any other category.
  • Does anyone other than the first author receive notification of the platform (poster) acceptance?
    No, only the first author receives the notification. It is the first author’s responsibility to notify co‐authors.
  • Will presentations be available on-demand after the live meeting?
    Recorded presentations will be available to all WORLDSymposium participants who purchase access to the On-Demand content, which will be available after the conclusion of the meeting, through March 31, 2023.
  • How does WORLDSymposium provide data protection for submitted abstracts and presentations?
    Due to ACCME requirements, and the data protection of all presenters, all communications related to platform and/or ePoster presentations are kept strictly between the platform and/or ePoster presenter and the WORLDSymposium CME Programs team.
    Any presentations submitted to WORLDSymposium for CME review are kept strictly confidential, and are not shared beyond the required CME review team. The presentations will not be available to WORLDSymposium attendees until the platform session is first presented, and then will be available “on-demand” on the virtual website until March 31, 2023, after which time the virtual platform will be shut down.

    All selected posters will be available LIVE, in the Exhibit Hall, starting on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, when the Exhibit Hall opens, at 3:00 PM EST. ePosters will also available online for on-demand participants until March 31, 2023.

    Submitted abstracts will be available to all registered attendees starting on Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Submitted abstracts are available to the general public when Elsevier publishes the February issue of Molecular Genetics and Metabolism (MGM). WORLDSymposium staff have no control over the publication date, however, anyone may sign up with Elsevier for publication updates.
    Presentations are not available to anyone other than the WORLDSymposium development team until the time the presentation is first presented live during the conference, and then the presentations are available “on-demand” to the registered attendees until March 31, 2023.
    First authors are required to acknowledge that they are authorizing WORLDSymposium to provide their ePoster and/or presentation to the WORLDSymposium audience. If they choose not to authorize WORLDSymposium to provide their presentation, their presentation will be removed from the agenda and all databases.