Copa and Core Satellite Meetings on Lysosomal Disease

Lysosomal Disease Network (LDN) COPA Meeting

Council of Patient Advocates (COPA)™ Meeting: The Lysosomal Disease Network’s (LDN) annual meeting for patients and patient advocates will meet with the Council of Research Experts (CORE), Thursday, February 13, 2020 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. This meeting is open free-of-charge to all patients and advocacy members even if they are not attending WORLDSymposium.

A detailed agenda and more information will available on the LDN website.

Council of Research Experts (CORE)

The Council of Research Experts (CORE) – also known as the NIH-funded Investigators, or Lysosomal Disease Network Investigators – will meet on Thursday, February 13, 2020 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Everyone involved with the Lysosomal Disease Network’s research is required to attend. NIH administrative scientists, COPA members, and industry representatives are encouraged to attend.

Complete information on the 2020 CORE meeting requirements will be available from the Lysosomal Disease Network.

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