The 20th Annual WORLDSymposium

Planning for WORLDSymposium 2024 is well underway, and everyone is excited to meet again face-to-face in San Diego, California, February 4-9, 2024. Plans are in place for a LIVE in-person gathering in Orlando at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Hotel. In addition, plans are underway to make the program available ON DEMAND after the conference ends to allow for registration for those who are unable to attend in person.

Registration for the conference opened: August 1, 2023

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Advance Registration Deadline: January 5, 2024

The WORLDSymposium Annual Meeting is the largest lysosomal disease meeting and exposition in the world. This year’s meeting is expected to attract over 2,000 scientific attendees from more than 60 different countries, plus almost 40 exhibiting companies. The meeting provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge science in all areas of lysosomal disease research and lysosomal storage disease research.


WORLDSymposium™ is an annual research conference dedicated to lysosomal diseases. WORLD is an acronym that stands for We’re Organizing Research on Lysosomal Diseases.

WORLDSymposium is intended for healthcare professionals involved in the screening, diagnosis, management, and treatment of lysosomal diseases affecting both children and adults, with research and clinically relevant information geared specifically to the following professionals:

  • Medical and clinical geneticists; genetic counselors; pediatricians; neurologists; psychologists; nurse practitioners; physician assistants; registered nurses; and all medical practitioners who are providing comprehensive diagnostic, management, and counseling services for patients with, or at risk for, lysosomal diseases.
  • Laboratory directors and technicians involved in genetic testing.
  • Researchers involved in lysosomal disorders and treatments.
  • Clinical, laboratory and research trainees of genetics and all biomedical sciences with a focus on lysosomal diseases.
  • Any healthcare and public health professionals who have an interest in medical and clinical genetics and genomics in the area of lysosomal diseases.
  • Advocates for patients with lysosomal diseases and their families.

NOTE: Adult patients and adult family members are welcome to attend the educational sessions, however the content is intended for clinicians and researchers, and not targeted toward patients. Attendance for patients and family members is offered as an opportunity to obtain information pertinent to their personal journey and to connect with leading researchers and clinicians. Children under 18 are not allowed in any session.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this program, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify the key diagnostic features of lysosomal diseases.
  • Utilize recent diagnostic tests for lysosomal diseases.
  • Compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of each therapy currently available.
  • Identify unmet needs of each disease being discussed.
  • Formulate new research ideas for these lysosomal diseases.

About WORLDSymposium

WORLDSymposium is a multidisciplinary forum presenting the latest information from basic science, translational research, and clinical trials for lysosomal diseases. Originally conceived in 2004 in response to an NIH RFP for rare diseases, WORLDSymposium is often cited as the most important scientific meeting on lysosomal molecular biology, disorders and treatment.

WORLDSymposium has become the major educational and unifying activity of lysosomal disease researchers, and has evolved into a highly interactive research activity. The underlying theme “transitioning molecular biology to human therapies” seeks to elucidate the challenges—and highlight the successes—in bringing bench discoveries into successful clinical therapies.

The main emphasis of the meeting remains the same: to assess the mechanisms, and obstacles, for taking bench research into human therapy.