Preparing Your Poster for WORLDSymposium 2025

Poster Session Details

You are scheduled to present your poster for TWO HOURS on the assigned date and time noted on the 2025 poster list. 

  • On the day of your scheduled poster presentation, you must report to your assigned poster space at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled presentation time to mount your poster.
  • All posters are to be mounted by 15:00 on the day the poster is scheduled to be presented, and must be taken down at 17:30 the same day after being presented.
  • New posters will be presented each day.

2025 Posters will be Divided into Three (3) Separate Sessions

Poster presenters will be assigned to a specific poster session on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 15:30-17:30. Date and time assignments will be communicated to the first author, and posted by on the website by January 5, 2025.

Poster presenters are required to be in attendance at their poster for their assigned timeframe. The poster sessions provide an excellent opportunity to discuss concepts, share knowledge, and exchange ideas with abstract authors and other WORLDSymposium participants.

The poster list with assigned poster board numbers will be available in the mobile app, and will also be posted online here once the poster list is finalized in January 2025. 

This year, posters will be displayed on poster boards in the exhibit hall. You must print your poster to display on your assigned poster board. You are responsible for bringing your printed poster or using the onsite printing option, noted below. Posters can be hung on the assigned boards starting 30 minutes prior each poster session and must be taken down at 17:30 after being presented. During your assigned poster session, you, or the designated presenter, must be available for the entire two (2) hour session. You are responsible for removing your poster after it has been presented. Any posters remaining after the poster session will be discarded.

In addition to a printed poster, all poster presenters are required to submit an electronic version of their poster, which will be available to attendees in the WORLDSymposium 2025 Mobile App and for the On Demand program attendees from February 12, 2025 until March 14, 2025.

WORLDSymposium staff will be available during all poster sessions if you need assistance onsite.  

Poster Requirements

Posters will be displayed on poster boards in the exhibit hall. You are responsible for bringing your printed poster with you to WORLDSymposium 2025, or you may utilize the onsite print shop. You will be responsible for all costs associated with printing and/or shipping your printed poster.

Printed posters dimensions are 36 inches (91.44 cm) wide by 48 inches (121.92 cm) tall.

You, or the designated presenter, will be responsible for placing your poster on the assigned poster board location. (Assigned poster board numbers will be posted here by January 5, 2025.) Tacks to attach your poster onto the poster board will be provided. It is also your responsibility to remove your printed poster after it has been presented. Any posters remaining after the poster session will be discarded. 

Poster Guidelines: 

  • Commercial logos are NOT ALLOWED on posters. 
  • Use generic drug names only. Trade names are NOT allowed. 
  • QR codes are allowed on posters only. QR codes are NOT allowed on platform PowerPoint Files.
  • Do not include any data or information you do not want in the public domain. 
  • Poster are available for viewing to all registered attendees during open exhibit hall hours and on the Mobile App.  
  • ePosters will be available to registered attendees for the On Demand program from February 12, 2025 through March 14, 2025.

On Site Poster Printing: 

To use the FedEx print shop located at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego:
Contact: Geoffrey Ray
Call: +01-619-236-7956
Email: and copy


ePosters must be uploaded using the link sent to the first author in January 2025, and submitted no later than January 20, 2025. After the poster submission deadline, you will need to reach out to Amber ( with any questions or edits to posters. 

 ePosters must submitted as a small MP4 file (video file) presentation. The MP4 file should be no more than 5 slides and a total recording time of no more than 5 minutes in length

Note: All videos should include audio for online viewers.

We recommend you prepare 4-5 slides with the following: Introduction or Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions, or similar scientific process. You may include a Final Slide with acknowledgements (no corporate logos), contact information if you choose, and the date and time of your “live” oral or poster presentation. Record your MP4 file with audio, with you verballing presenting the information for your slides. 

In order to upload an ePoster (MP4), a printed poster MUST be presented onsite. If a printed poster is not presented onsite, the ePoster upload is NOT an option.

Note: In addition to your scheduled poster presentation, ePosters will be available to all registered attendees on the WORLDSymposium Mobile App, starting Tuesday, February 4 at 05:00 PST, once the content embargo is lifted.

“Thumbnail” tiles of posters will be visible in the Mobile App; however, the actual poster MP4 files will not be available to attendees until 08:00 PST on February 4, 2025.  

The printed posters will be visible to attendees at the live meeting starting at 15:30 PST in the Exhibit Hall during each Poster Session. ePosters will also be available in the On Demand program from February 12, 2025 – March 14, 2025, for attendees who purchased the On Demand option.

Additional questions can be answered on the Poster Presenter FAQs page