NEW THIS YEAR Speed Mentoring Event

Plan to attend the first Speed Mentoring Event on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, from 5:15-7:00 PM EST

  • WORLDSymposium attendees have repeatedly requested an event like this. In 2023, this exciting event is going to become a reality!
  • Mentors play a critical role in the development of professionals, influencing their job satisfaction, career aspirations and evolving professional identity.
  • Speed mentoring connects aspiring, novice and mid-career scientists and research professionals with international leaders to facilitate transfer of valuable insights for professional growth.
  • Speed mentoring provides mentees with opportunities to meet multiple mentors over a short time and pose focused career development questions.
  • Speed Mentoring, features 5-7-minute structured conversations between mentees and mentors. 10 – 20 mentors will be available. Each mentee will have the opportunity to meet with up to 8 mentors.
  • The hour-long speed mentoring event will be followed by a reception.
  • Reception following the Speed Mentoring is open to all attendees.

Call for Volunteers

WORLDSymposium  is seeking volunteers to participate as mentors for this new “Speed Mentoring” session to be held at WORLDSymposium 2023. Volunteer qualifications include:

  • Ability to travel to Orlando to participate live at WORLDSymposium 2023.
  • Willingness to meet with newer researchers in 5-7 minute increments during a scheduled “speed mentoring” session on Wednesday, February 22 from 5:15-6:15 PM EST, and stay for open discussion with attendees from 6:15-7:00 PM.
  • Willingness to share tips, advice and knowledge 1:1 during the scheduled time period.
  • A passion for teaching and mentoring to help foster the next generation of researchers.

In exchange for your expertise, WORLDSymposium would provide complimentary registration for WORLDSymposium 2023. All volunteer mentors will be publicly acknowledged throughout the 2023 program.

If you are interested, please fill out some brief information here, and a WORLDSymposium team member will contact you. If you know someone who would be a great mentor for this program, please share this page with them, and encourage them to volunteer.

Speed Mentoring
Please explain why you would like to participate and if you have been a part of a Speed Mentoring event in the past.