WORLDSymposium 2016 NIH Fellows

The following information is being provided as a courtesy to the Lysosomal Disease Network (LDN), in recognition of the LDN’s important contributions to lysosomal disease research:

Each year of the LDN’s NIH funding cycle, two postdoctoral Lysosomal Disease Network Fellows are selected, based upon their submitted applications. One LDN Fellowship is funded through LDN NIH funds. The University of Minnesota Medical School provides $50,000 matching funds for an additional postdoctoral Fellow, to be located at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. Fellows are selected by the LDN Steering Committee, and can elect training in any clinically-related field such as clinical genetics, neurology, neuropsychology, or any field of medicine that might provide research or clinical service for patients with lysosomal disease. They are required to present their research at a major medical conference of their choosing, and at the recurring Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases (CCRRD) presented by the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network.

  • Zahra Karimian (LDN and Genzyme-Sanofi Fellow)
  • Li Ou (LDN Fellow)
  • Melani Solomon (LDN Fellow)